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Half Marathon Training for Beginners by Christy Coughlin

Have you been running up to 5 miles four times a week, completing 5Ks, and yearning for a bigger challenge? If so, then the half marathon is a manageable goal for 2014.

Participation in the half marathon has grown 10 percent a year in the U.S., making it the hot distance. More than 60 percent of half runners are women, creating some uniquely inspired races—think pink and bling. With running booming in the U.S., the half marathon is a reasonable, rewarding distance when compared to 26.2 miles.


7 Simple Steps to Lose 5 Pounds Now

4. Skinny up after sunset
Eat reasonable portions of healthy foods. Enjoy one piece of whole grain bread, but no more. Eat slowly, putting your fork down after each bite. Wait 20 minutes before you go back for seconds. Always sit to enjoy dinner with someone you love (or at least like a lot).







Become a Runner and Train for a 5K 

by Christy Coughlin, August 2011

Looking to increase your fitness, without spending lots of time or money? Consider running!

While marathoning may not be in your future, working up to a 5K is a reasonable goal. 

According to Dr. Eric Chehab, a physician with Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, “Running is a terrific cardiovascular exercise, one of the best. Secondly, it’s a weight-bearing exercise, which is critical for bone health, and increasing density, which has tremendous lifelong benefits.” 


You are Getting Warmer

 by Christy Coughlin, February 2010

Which body part is the slowest to wake up each morning? Is it your achy low back, tight hamstrings, or like me, tender calves and feet?

Gone are the days when you could spring out of bed, throw on your clothes, down a strong coffee, and head out for a hard workout. Your muscles need time and movement to warm and lengthen before beginning your day or exercising.


Sports Bras for Your Active Life 

by Christy Coughlin, August 2011

Arguably the most important piece of sports equipment is ... your sports bra!

Active women need good support to prevent sagging or pain. During exercise, your girls move up and down, side to side, and in and out. Today's sports bras offer great fabrics and fits for all shapes, sizes and activities.



Throw (Run, Skate, Kick) Like a Girl

by Christy Coughlin, April 2010

                 I remember the moment my oldest daughter became an athlete. During a lively kindergarten soccer game, she exclaimed, “I am so hot, tired and sweaty!” After a quick hug, I told her it was OK! She smiled, paused, and then I saw the light bulb go on.