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  • This is my third time in Christy Coughlin's beginner's running group and I absolutely love it! I enjoy the stretching and yoga we do before and after our runs, as well as all of the nutritional information Christy gives us. Plus the snacks are great!  I also enjoy meeting up each week with other runners at my level. It's much more fun than running by myself and they help keep me motivated. The whole experience is very positive! Marilyn
  • I hired you to keep me injured free during my quest to complete my first marathon.  I hired you because I knew you would physically and mentally prepare me in achieving my goal.  I am indebted to you and had one of the best experiences of my life running the marathon.  Leslie

  • I sought Christy's coaching because I had reached a plateau. With only one marathon behind me (4:49), I knew I needed help reaching my goal of sub-4 hours. I wanted to run numerous races this year, and did not know where to start. Christy formulated a 20-week plan that challenged me, but kept me healthy. While she was not so pleased with my decision to put two marathons 7 weeks apart, she crafted a masterful schedule that included a half marathon (PR, 1:47), then taper down toward marathon race day in Quebec City (another PR, 4:18), then rest, then taper up, then taper down, finally toward race day in Chicago (another PR, 3:53). With her help, I did it. While my current string of 5 PRs in a row (which also includes a 5k and an 8k) will have to yield, I thank Christy for helping this old man of 38 years get up and go.  Rob

  • I love running with Christy and her Real Running group. Rather than just go out for a run by myself, I'm able to train with a great group of women and do interesting workouts. She's extremely motivating to train with, and she constantly challenges me to go beyond my perceived abilities. Since I started running with her group, I've been able to not only increase my pace, but stay injury-free. She provides great health and nutrition tips, and I always enjoy her recipes!   Maureen